Clever Kombucha is available in a variety of flavours that are sure to delight your senses.


Clever Kombucha - Original

Fermented in custom made oak barrels to maximise all of the kombucha benefits. Our Original kombucha is jam packed full of enzymes and probiotic goodness.

Clever Kombucha - Original Oak

Our Original kombucha is infused with organic ginger. Detoxifying & naturally rich in important antioxidants.

Clever Kombucha - Lemon Lavender
Lemon Lavender

Our Original kombucha is infused with organic lemons and lavender. Purifying & rich in vitamins and minerals.

Clever Kombucha - Lime Sea Salt
Lime Sea Salt

Our Original kombucha infused with organic limes and smoked sea salt. Rehydrate, rebalance, refuel.